Flowers are great to brighten your home and your style. 


Did you know that floral decor is continuing to be popular in 2020?  Floral patterns bring a touch of nature and an organic element into a room. We definitely need some brightness in our life this year! 

As I've said many times much of the joy that I derive from my photography comes from sharing what speaks to me and simple, inspiring florals are a perfect example.  With Fall being here and Winter coming soon any of the images in my floral collection may be used to liven the overall effect of any room. How can you not smile when you look at this photo?

Bird of Paradise

Choose images with colors that will compliment your style. This image was taken while on a vacation in Carlsbad, CA.

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Shades of Blue Hydrangea

Flowers easily bring brightness and vivid color into neutral spaces. This image was taken in my front yard this past Spring.

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VIDA, as many of you know, is printing my images on pillows, shirts, handbags and other accessories.  I have just begun a new line of kitchen decor which includes tea towels, placemats, latte mugs and other essential home items.

Lemon Ice

Yellow daylily kitchen tea towels, placemats and latte mugs.
(When ordering from VIDA use the code THANKS for 25% off. Limited time only.)

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Shades of Blue

Blue hydrangea kitchen tea towels, placemats and napkins.
(When ordering from VIDA use the code THANKS for 25% off. Limited time only.)

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My floral notecards and other subject notecards are always available.  Remember to reach out and bring a little joy to someone by sending them a special note.  We all need to feel special!

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Thanks for viewing my art.
Stay healthy!


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Lemon Ice table set.jpg