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I believe that artists should always be evolving and elevating their work. That partly explains the shift in my photography in recent years.

The nature of my work has changed from the production of purely documentary images into a personal, artistic interpretation of the world. My work has transitioned into semi-abstract images with bright colors that stimulate strong feelings: joy, contentment, delight. This drastic shift in my artwork has come about as a natural progression of my photography sparked by significant changes in my life.

As a child I started taking photos of family and friends with my motherʼs box camera. After retiring from teaching elementary school in 1998, I established my own photo business, Captures of Nature and recently expanded the business to Patricia Brock Photography to reflect the body of my work. Today, my work can be found in several Louisville galleries, including KORE Gallery. I am a juried participant of the Kentucky Arts Councilʼs Kentucky Crafted program, Kentucky Architectural Directory and a juried member of The Louisville Artisans Guild.

Red Hot
Red Hot
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