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New Work

Naturally curious and observant, consciously and subconsciously, my mind stays alert to discover images to photograph.  Flickers of light and shadows, quick movements and intense colors catch my attention.


One morning this Spring, after finishing some garden work, I sat in our swing on the deck to relax.  Glancing around the yard I suddenly became hypnotized by the glass orb ornament slowly spinning at the edge of the garden.  Sunlight fractured by the orb was scattering bright shards of reflected light and creating shadows within the orb.  Bright vivid colors immerged from the glass shining through the prism the orb created.  The longer I watched I began to see various shapes come alive.


Inspired by this discovery I named my new photo series, Brightly Through the Glass.

Limited Edition Series

Images can be customized and printed on acrylic, as shown in top row, or printed on other materials such as brushed aluminum and  archival paper.  

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